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Designed for maximum comfort, this Fifth Avenue Tiger Paw Mask goes beyond standard cotton masks thanks to incorporation of Sciessent’s Agion® treatment, which makes the fabric antimicrobial.

This three-ply, 100% cotton jersey face mask covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. Elastic binding with slight stretch and ear loops help hold it comfortably in place.

  • Three-ply 100% cotton jersey
  • Fabric touching skin: 100% cotton
  • Mask contains silver and copper
  • Three evenly-spaced pleats on each side
  • May be used when FDA-cleared masks are unavailable
  • Machine washable cold cycle (if you find the mask to be a little large for younger students, wash in a warm setting first time only
  • Non-returnable

How to wear your mask

You should always wash your hands before handling the mask. Handling the inside of your mask with unwashed hands, adds to the risk that you may breathe in bacteria or inoculate your skin, deterring from any protection it may offer you in the first place. Then, without touching the mask itself, bring the loops up to your ears, securing them as tightly as possible. Be sure that it covers your nose and down to your chin.

Then when you’re ready to take it off, you should wash or sanitize your hands before taking it off. Then finally grab the ear loops from the back to take it off.

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